The first mention in the Bible of our Salvation through Jesus, Mary the Mother of God, and Mary's freedom from original sin




Hello and welcome. Always remember and never forget, Jesus loves you now and before time began.
Today Arlene will be visiting old friends, from her college days. They have been there for each other, though the good times and through the hard times. A girls day out centered around lunch and talk. Much talk of family, children, boyfriends, work, yes even about work. With knowing winks and large smiles, three or four sweet and soft whispery voices, interspersed with loud laughter.
Roland is undecided at the moment. Caught between learning more flash professional, plus doing chores around the home (which need to be done), and visiting his mom 75 miles away. Maybe all can be done.
I hope you have a good day, and live for God and for each other.